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HBC(Hanging Bio-Contactor) System
This technology ensures stable wastewater treatment performance and capacity as it traps high concentrations of attached microorganisms and airborne microbes in the aeration tank by using the stationary phase carrier method to complement the drawbacks of the existing activated sludge method, tricking filter method, and fluidized carrier method.



Process Chart

Process Chart


  • · Increase in treatment capacity thanks to the increase of microorganisms in the aeration tank
  • · Highly effective against low concentration wastewater or nitrification filter
  • · Low sludge generation
  • · Excellent treatment efficiency thanks to various microorganism species
  • · Low operating costs thanks to nitrification and denitrification occurring simultaneously
  • · Requires smaller workforce as MLSS and SL management is not required.
  • · No bulking and increase in settling tank performance
  • · Appropriate for intermittent operation

Comparison with other glycone methods

Comparison of anaerobic treatment with aerobic treatment
Item Tricking filter method RBC
(Rotating Biological Contactor)
Precipitation type
Fluidized Stationary phase
Process Chart
Characteristics Generates odor, attracts insect breeding (flies or mosquitoes), difficult to operate in winter Frequent mechanical failures Produces less microbial attachment as the air floats and contacts the media through aeration. Requires supplementing media. Requires more initial investment due to the installation of structures for fixing

Status of HBC installation and operation

  • Scene of installation

    Scene of installation

  • Scene of water flow

    Scene of water flow

  • Scene of operation

    Scene of operation


Recommended to be applied to wastewater with a COD/BOD level of below 1,000PPM

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