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Cleanwater treatment

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Cleanwater treatment

Water treatment and wastewater recycling process
Seshin Clean's water purification and wastewater recycling process is not only researched and analyzed based on certified experience but designed and installed in a manner that ensures the maximum effects and economy to achieve customer satisfaction.

Treatment process chart

Treatment process chart

Automatic backwash disc filter (SPIN KILN)

Automatic backwash disc filter (SPIN KILN)

It removes algae in the water inflowing from the river or lake. This filter is made of several layers of discs with a hole, which are pressed by a certain level of pressure. Suspended solids are filtered when the water passes through the small hole on the filter. The filter features a simple wiring structure and electric configuration, and the backwash process is automatically performed when a certain amount of suspended solids are accumulated, which facilitates easy use without requiring special attention. In addition, the size of the filter is significantly reduced, significantly contributing the improvement of the working environment.

Multi-layered filter (SAND FILTER)

Multi-layered filter (SAND FILTER) Multi-layered filter (SAND FILTER)

This removes fine suspended solids by applying pressure on turbid liquid, making it pass through a porous filter layer (gravel, sand, anthracite).


Activated carbon filters are widely used as they provide outstanding performance in removing taste, smell, color, organic matters, surfactants, etc. by using the adsorptive power of porous activated carbon. Granular activated carbon made of coconut shell, charcoal, coal, etc. is used. The fine holes in the activated carbon has a complex network structure, and general activated carbon usually has capillaries with a large inner area of 500 to 1,500㎡/G. The characteristics of these filters’ fine pore ​​structure are classified into macropores of over 1,000Å, transitunalpores of 20 to 1,000Å, and micropores of below 20Å.



  • • Easy to operate and manage thanks to simple structure. Unmanned operation through a fully automated system is available.
  • • Periodic backwash and cleaning is automatically operated to extend the use life of filtering materials and achieve the targeted water quality.
  • • Requires less installation space and operating costs.


  • • Used for pre-treatment of industrial water, cooling water, water for dyeing, water for paper manufacture, and other various pre-water treatments.
  • • Pre-water treatment in food manufacture, pharmaceutical, drinking water, and water purification sector, pre-treatment of various water treatment equipment, recycling of wastewater, sewage treatment, sewage treatment plant
  • • Treatment of water used in golf courses
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