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Introduction of anaerobic treatment of wastewater

Although the anaerobic treatment of wastewater has economic advantages and provides bio gas, this technology is not popular compared to advanced countries, and related publications are insufficient. This book an introduction for overall theories related to anaerobic treatment, along with case studies for each industrial sector to facilitate application in the actual field. We hope that it will be very useful for those who are considering studying the potential of anaerobic treatment in in this fields.

Table of Contents

  • Chapter 1 Introduction
  • Chapter 2 Principles of microbiology and biochemistry for anaerobic treatment of wastewater
  • Chapter 3 Impact of anaerobic treatment on environmental factors
  • Chapter 4 Characteristics of wastewater
  • Chapter 5 Anaerobic reactor process
  • Chapter 6 Designing of anaerobic reactor and wastewater treatment process
  • Chapter 7 Anaerobic treatment process
  • Chapter 8 Various theories and application cases of anaerobic treatment of wastewater
  • Chapter 9 Research and analysis methods of anaerobic treatment in the laboratory
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