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Major research performance

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Major research performance
Title of research Subject Period Owner
Experience of start-up with modified anaerobic on pharmaceutical wastewater Application of High efficiency anaerobic digester in a drug material plant 1995~1996 Samchully Co., Ltd.
Methane fermentation treatment method of high concentration organic wastewater and methane fermentation tank Treatment of high concentration organic matters using a high efficiency anaerobic digester 1996 Samchully Co., Ltd.
Seoan alcohol refinement wastewater treatment Application of UASB to alcohol refinement wastewater 1999 Seshin Co., Ltd.
Haewundae county office wastewater treatment Application of UASB to food waste leachate 1999 Seshin Co., Ltd.
Wastewater treatment at Daesang’s Seoul factory Application of UASB to starch wastewater 2001 Seshin Co., Ltd.
Development of method to treat wastewater containing high concentration organic matter, nitrogen, and phosphorus, and related system Treatment of organic matters, nitrogen, and phosphorus using UASB+HBC 2002 Seshin Clean Co., Ltd.
BASF Gunsan factory wastewater treatment Fermentation wastewater denitrification 2003 Seshin Clean Co., Ltd.
Kyongbo Pharm wastewater treatment Application of SHAD+HBC to the treatment of pharmaceutical wastewater 2004 Seshin Clean Co., Ltd.
Dongil Paper wastewater treatment Application of SHAD to paper manufacture wastewater 2005 Seshin Clean Co., Ltd.
Noksan landfill site leachate treatment Application of SHAD+HBC to landfill site leachate 2006 Seshin Clean Co., Ltd.
Development of nitrogen-containing livestock wastewater treatment system through the improvement of anaerobic digester and aeration tank Application of SHAD+HBC to livestock wastewater 2007 Korea Environmental Industry & Technology Institute
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